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Everybody's Fascination: Victorious Community.
Now closed; it was fun!
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16th-Jun-2013 06:36 pm - { advertisement: sam&cat
 photo samandcatbannercopy2_zps7cebb3cb.png
sam_and_cat is a new livejournal community for the Nickelodeon show, Sam & Cat. We plan to host challenges, discussions, and speculations about the show. We offer a prompt post and members are allowed to post their own works on the community! Hope you check it out!
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27th-Apr-2013 02:40 pm - Until I Feel Nothing -- Beck/Tori
Title: Until I Feel Nothing
Author: seemslikeaporno
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Beck/Tori
Rating: T
Warnings: Alternate universe, overall themes of depression.
Summary“I googled ‘inconspicuous ways to run away’ and someone wrote ‘train’ and I figured it was worth a shot.” If he wasn’t staring directly at her, Tori could possibly pretend that he was merely talking to himself. But. “Think anyone is going to follow us?” He goes on to ask, now trifling through his duffel bag and pulling out a book. (Words: 2,300+ | Link goes to my fic journal!)
Disclaimer: This didn't happen and I don't profit from this.

Notes: I always feel like a dick posting here since I'm literally the only person that does it but whatever I've got to shamelessly advertise myself somewhere.

( "I didn’t even know trains were still a viable means of transportation.” )
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Title: you've got something everybody wants
Author: seemslikeaporno
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jade/Robbie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual Content (fingering, handjobs, penetrative sex), stripping, mild dirty talk.
Summary: He feels strangely sobered despite all he’s had to drink, and although his mind is fuzzed at the edges, there are visions in his head that are sharp, like the look in Jade’s eye, the color of her lips. He remembers her so vividly that he’s having trouble believing he was drunk at all. (Words: 5,200+ | Link leads to my fic journal!)
Disclaimer: This didn't happen and I don't profit from this.

( Read here! )
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8th-Mar-2013 10:17 pm - » mod post {final words.
» Hello, lovely members! This is a post from the mods saying that this community will, regretfully, no longer host/accept challenges, discussions, or affiliations. Since the show has ended, we have agreed that it is in our best interest to allow the community to simply act as an archive for the members to share their fanfiction, graphics, videos, etc., and advertise their own communities on (as long as it relates to Victorious, Nickelodeon, or Schneider in some way, shape, or form).

We have had such a lovely time running this community for the last two years, and we're very happy to be "letting it go", so to speak. We may eventually delete this community, but that won't be for a long, long while. We hope you have had as much fun here as we have!

- Love, the Mods
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2nd-Feb-2013 05:47 pm - » challenge {mix it up!
» Hello, lovely members! The mods decided to host another challenge, since the last episode of Victorious (ever) airs tonight. This one is a fanmix challenge, describing the show/the characters/the relationships/etc. If you're interested in participating, check out the information below!

Fanmix Challenge » Mix It Up!
( i n f o r m a t i o n )

Begins: Saturday, February 2nd
Due: Tuesday, February 5th

1. Firstly, we'll be streaming these mixes from a website called 8tracks. It's a really, really simple website to use and it's completely free. You have to create an account in order to use it, but you do not have to create an account to listen to other members' mixes. So if you don't want to make a mix, yourself, you can still check out everyone else's mixes! *If you need help learning how to use the site, please message one of the mods or leave a comment below and we can give you a quick tutorial. The website is relatively easy to figure out, but it's okay to ask for help if you're not sure!

2. Your mix must be 8 - 10 tracks long, no more, no less. Your mix can be about any aspect of the show you'd like; for example, I've made one based off of the show as a whole, but you may want to focus on a certain relationship within the show, or a character in the show. Your mix can also focus on certain episodes or can be about how the show has changed/affected your life.

3. 8tracks requires a 500x500 image to go along with your mix; you do not have to make a graphic for it. Just find a stock photo from Google Images or use a re-sized picture from one of the casts' photo shoots. The challenge is more focused on the tracks than the cover art. However, if you want to make a graphic to go along with your mix, feel welcome to!

4. When you finish your mix, simply post it to the community. (You can use my mix as an example for how it should look.)

That's all! If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to message one of the mods or comment below. Have fun!
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Title: we'll script another show
Author: seemslikeaporno
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Beck/Tori
Rating: R
Warning(s): Unwanted pregnancy, abortion, sexual content (penetrative sex), overall themes of depression. Do not read if you are easily triggered by any/all of these things.
Summary: "Oh," she says, staring down at her hands. There's a plus sign, there, sketched into the screen of the plastic test; she thinks that this should be a happy occasion. It seems much more like a death sentence. "Oh, shit," she hisses, biting her tongue so hard between her teeth she can taste blood. (Words: 2,000+ | Link leads to my fic journal!)
Disclaimer: This didn't happen and I don't profit from this.

( "Hi," he says, grinning. His eyes are lidded, his smile lazy. He reaches to push a strand of hair from her forehead, kissing her there. )
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28th-Jan-2013 09:24 pm - » poll {fanmix contest?
Hi, members! I'm aware that none of the mods have been around much, lately, and that the show is very close to being over, but we were wondering if anyone would like to participate in a fanmix contest of some kind? We've found an easy website to use to stream it called 8tracks - you have to create an account, but it's pretty painless - and we thought it might be fun to make a mix about the show, since it's about to end. If you're interested in possibly participating, you can just vote in the poll below. Otherwise, we'd love to hear other ideas. :)

Would you participate in a fanmix challenge?

Yes, I would DEFINITELY participate.
Sounds cool, I MIGHT participate.
Bad idea, let's do this instead... (leave suggestion in comments)
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